Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking for HELP on the "Other Side" of Things....

Hello all! Figured Id start this week on a "other side" note. A lot of us think main stream when it comes to medicine. If you child has digestive problems, you go to a gastro. If you child has Allergy problems, you go to an allergist. If you child is sick, you take them to the pedi. Now the "other side" I'm talking about goes beyond traditional medicine and forces you to look further, stretch you mind passed what you can see in black and white.

This journey started almost a year ago when Patrick started to get countless ear infections. He was in a main stream preschool and was exposed to the typical run of the mill germs and viruses. Germs and viruses that any other child would fight off. The problem was, Patrick's immune system wasn't fighting, it wasn't even trying. A germ would get to Patrick and his poor defenseless immune system would just wave a white flag and that was it, double ear infection. Than it was asthma, ugh! Goodness! They started going hand in hand. Whenever Patrick started to have labored breathing, he'd have an ear infection because at this point he wasn't even presenting with a fever. At this point his ears wouldn't even be clearing the fluid. So what is the next step? Logically in the traditional way of thinking, take him to an ENT, get his hearing checked, asked about tubes. So we went to a couple ENT's, cleared his ears (FINALLY), got his hearing checked, twice, and of course we scheduled surgery for tubes. Than we scheduled Patrick to see a allergist because, again traditional way of thinking, to see what was causing the asthma. Goodness was that a waste of $30 lol. She did the tradistional skin tests and blood tests and it came back NOTHING! I was baffled! This child was presenting with tons of seasonal allergy symptoms and she is telling me he is not allergic to ANYTHING! BLAH!

Here is where my path changes...

May 2011

Enter Dr. Jason Jampol at Wellness Inc. I was in his office for me, oddly enough. I was about to start a Holistic diet and was waiting to talk to him and meet him for the first time, when I noticed a article pinned up to his wall. It was titled "The Benefits of  Chiropractic Care for Babies and Children". Hmmm... lets take a look..(thank goodness I did). The beginning of this article stated a list of benefits and what were the first 2 things?????



OHH This little piece a paper went from being something I'm reading to pass the time, to something I need to finish.

So after meeting with Dr. Jay, I had to bring up the article. He than started to explain the principles behind it. Basically, with out going into huge detail, when the spine is out of line, it can cause your nerves, nerve compromise. This nerve compromise can than cause and defiantly not help many different problems and issues. That's about it, if a nerve is pinched or blocked than the brain isn't getting the right info and something goes wrong in other words. The body CANNOT fight 100% against whatever is ailing it. In Patrick's case, it was infections and asthma. SIGN PATRICK UP!

Fast forward 4 days......

Patrick has ANOTHER double ear infection and his asthma is 1,000,000 times worst! Of course I bring him to the pedi after treating him for 24 hours with albuterol nebulizer. His blood O2 level was 92%, normal/ healthy is 98%-100%. The pedi than gives him another treatment and tells us, that if we feel he needs another treatment before next 4 hours is up, than he has to go to the ER. All Patrick has done in the last 36 hours is bark like a seal, cry, and sleep. BUT we do have our appt with Dr. jay tonight, so Im holding out! Poor Bug was just weepy and barking when we walked into the office. Another man arrived right after us. Dr. Jay took us right away. After going through toooooons of history and explain Patrick's already issues, he got started evaluating Patrick. While he was examining Patrick he told me that little ones spring back VERY quickly and I shouldnt be surprised if I see improvements in 25 hours. Than less than 5 mins later, Patrick was done. He was adjusted and here's to hoping :) Patrick followed me out of the room and I headed to the desk to pay. Than I hear the man sitting in the waiting room say " well someone feels better!". HUH? I look over and Patrick is smiling, laughing, and jumping (anyone that knows Patrick knows that jumping = happy). Could this be the same child? The same child that not even ten mins ago was weepy and coughing like a seal? The same child that slept all day? The same child that came suuuper close to having to go to the ER bc his O2 was very very low? Than Patrick proceeds to walk up the steps.... NEVER has he walked up steps before, he has only crawled up.

OK OK OK I have to calm myself down at this point. I call my mother and tell her about everything. She is of course skeptical and points out that he has had treatments for 36 hours and has slept for most of it. Ya, i think, thats right he has had TONS of intervention. I than tell myself, if he sleeps through the night and doesnt cough for the next 48 hours, Ill believe it. lol

He hasn't had asthma since! Yes that is right, not one more treatment since May 2011. This was the big WOW I needed to get hooked on alternative medicine. The idea that the body can't help itself, systems can't function properly if something as simple as a nerve is compromised, is an awesomely simple idea. This idea will follow us for the months to come, will fuel new methods and new ideas. Will get us connected with unbelievable people and give Patrick opportunities that he wouldn't ever have had with out that one moment I had with that little piece of paper.

Dr. Jay started all of this. He started Patrick's road to healing and I owe him. :)

Link to Dr. Jason Jampol's practice

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing But Blue Skies....

Nothing but blue skies, staring at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see....

That is my Aunt's song. My Aunt who was a prefect example of positivity. My Aunt Trudy was a spontaneous, free willed, unique individual. My Aunt had her ups and downs but always moved forward, always kept truckin, always looking at those blue skies. My Aunt passed a bit ago and even though she is not with me anymore, she still motivates me everyday. This blog is going to be about my journey with my son. Patrick is a sweet, loving, gentle, kind soul.A soul that I feel has been through so much for just 3 years old and one day he'll be able to tell me about it :)

Patrick was DX with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) Janurary 2011. In essence, it's a diagnosis that means "on the autism spectrum, but not falling within any of the existing specific categories of autism."

I will get into all the details and such at a later date but all that matters now is that I am being proactive for my son. Im reading every book I can, talking to everyone I can, searching for new alternatives that are out there. The way I see it is, I owe it to him. Even if we only get a tiny bit out of something, we are still leaving with a tiny bit, better than nothing.. which would equal not trying.

There are tons of topics and ideas that I want to talk about on here and in that process spread the word on alternatives, homeopaths, and natural medicines. OK OK I know what you are thinking now.... oh she is just another one of those coo coos that are all natural and blah blah blah. The truth is, is that Im not. I believe my approach with Patrick is very well balanced and combines everything that is good out today for helping children with autism. Im on both sides, I play both hands.

So stay tuned... I promise everyone might learn something.