Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing But Blue Skies....

Nothing but blue skies, staring at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see....

That is my Aunt's song. My Aunt who was a prefect example of positivity. My Aunt Trudy was a spontaneous, free willed, unique individual. My Aunt had her ups and downs but always moved forward, always kept truckin, always looking at those blue skies. My Aunt passed a bit ago and even though she is not with me anymore, she still motivates me everyday. This blog is going to be about my journey with my son. Patrick is a sweet, loving, gentle, kind soul.A soul that I feel has been through so much for just 3 years old and one day he'll be able to tell me about it :)

Patrick was DX with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) Janurary 2011. In essence, it's a diagnosis that means "on the autism spectrum, but not falling within any of the existing specific categories of autism."

I will get into all the details and such at a later date but all that matters now is that I am being proactive for my son. Im reading every book I can, talking to everyone I can, searching for new alternatives that are out there. The way I see it is, I owe it to him. Even if we only get a tiny bit out of something, we are still leaving with a tiny bit, better than nothing.. which would equal not trying.

There are tons of topics and ideas that I want to talk about on here and in that process spread the word on alternatives, homeopaths, and natural medicines. OK OK I know what you are thinking now.... oh she is just another one of those coo coos that are all natural and blah blah blah. The truth is, is that Im not. I believe my approach with Patrick is very well balanced and combines everything that is good out today for helping children with autism. Im on both sides, I play both hands.

So stay tuned... I promise everyone might learn something.

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