Monday, December 12, 2011

The little things :)

Happy Monday everyone!

Being able to appreciate the little things in life is a fantastic gift to have. Our lives are soo busy with our children, that we tend to miss the small steps and even take them for granted.

That is one of the benefits to having an autistic child. Autistic children's small steps are HUGE. One of the gifts that Patrick has given me is to TRULY appreciate the little things in life.

I remember a couple years ago, Patrick and I were at a play group with 99% typical kids. At this point Patrick wasn't formally DX and I still was in the "my child will grow out of this" la la land (which I think all of us have been at some point). These kids ages ranged from infant to about 5 years old, with most of them being 2 or 3 years. Now what are the typical "complaints" parents have when there child is of that age?

"They just learned the word "NO" and it is driving me crazy"
"I miss the days when they didn't talk at all"
"Only if they listened"
"They don't sleep long enough"
"They are not eating there veggies"

The list goes on....

Back to the play group. I was sitting and talking with a mom and she was telling me about how her little girl (super smart, sweet sweet sweet little girl) was talking her ears off and in a common way she said "I miss the days she didn't talk at all, haha" or something like that. As I replied, jokingly, "I wish Patrick talked!" with a laugh at the end, a light bulb clicked in her head as in.... wait... I should be thankful she talks. As this was not my intention and we were making small talk, Patrick quickly taught this mama to be thankful for a speaking child.

The little things...

I get caught up at times with "typical" behaviors, I think we all do. We went to a train show yesterday and it was magnificent! The display was off the wall and Patrick LOVED it. As Patrick is jumping his little butt off watching Thomas, James, and Percy chug around, I notice the other parents sitting back while their child was pointing out things. "Look mommy this" "Look daddy that". AND there parents don't even know how precious that is, how special that communication is, how... for a lack of a better word, fortunate they are to be able to share those moments in that way. 

I feel that every parent knows that they are lucky for their child's presence, period. Whether they are "typical", autistic, physically handicapped, or purple. BUT do they really really reeeeeeeally know truly how good parents to "typical" kids have it?

They have no worries doing outings.. well besides the typical worries. No worries with big functions. No worries about family get togethers. Birthdays are seamless, Christmas is fantastic, "fitting" in is not a problem.

Outings make me nervous, I have to plan every step. Do I have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for him, Blankie, paci, itouch, mobigo, mum-mums, enough juice, books, more mum-mums.... because if one is missing that is the end of it. Forget about birthday parties for friends. I have to think 10 steps ahead to make sure he doesnt have a meltdown in the middle of "happy birthday" or that just totally loses it in the bounce house. Christmas... hmmm... well he hates opening presents and still has no concept of a "present", so honestly Christmas is just another for him.

Now I dont want to turn this into a Lisa pity party or anything but honestly this has been bugging me. Everyone one of us has had the "they are lucky" thought. Whether it makes you feel the sh*t for saying it or not. I have!

I wouldn't trade Patrick for 1,000 "typical" kids or 1,000,000 "typical" moments though. Patrick makes me truly and honestly appreciate the little things. How special every moment is and how, as a society, we move waaay to fast and get caught up in it all.

Lets make an effort to take note of 1 little thing our child does in a day and truly thank them for it, praise them, hug them, make them feel like you really ARE watching. With out that, what do we really have?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All With Good Intentions....

So as the Christmas season is upon us, all this special stuff comes up for our little ones. Pancake Breakfast with Santa, Holiday light parades, Tree Lightings, pictures with Santa, special shows, etc. I was at work the other night and one of my co-workers gave me a flyer to a holiday train show at a doctors house that works at the hospital. AWESOME! As I really dont do any of the above with Patrick, he LOVES trains and I figured this would be right up his alley.

Now, I had envisioned an awesome train display in this doctors basement. The kids would be free to look around and enjoy the trains running. I envisioned Patrick having a BLAST! So I dressed him in his I love trains shirts and his conductors hat and off we went.

He was in a great mood when we got there, tummy full from lunch and everything. This house was GORGEOUS and like I envisioned the display was in his basement. We walk down and there are two rooms. One big one with a train table and two small train displays running and a smaller room.... this should of been my red flag. The smaller room had a HUGE table set up with a magnificent display. The man had EVERYTHING! Every little knick knack for a train display was there and everything moved. So we all packed into this room, as per the doctors orders.

WAIT A SEC! The trains aren't moving and this place is getter smaller by the min. People keep packing in and packing in. At this point we are crammed far from the door (other red flag) and Patrick is starting to get antsy... he wanted the trains to move! Now the doctor starts a little speech about his trains and blah blah blah.

Patrick is now biting his shirt and I'm thinking.... once this thing starts he'll be happy, just wait... hold out!

So he starts the thing! WOOHOOOOOOO! Patrick's eyes are so wide taking everything in. This is great! Everything is spinning and lighting up and the train is zooming around. He is instantly HAPPY!


Than the train stops..... oh goodness..... and the doctor starts "telling" a story about how the train needs to pick up this and the train needs to drop off that. All fine and good, just get the train moving again, is all Im thinking. Patrick doesnt understand any of this and is now whining. He just wants to watch the trains. So the train moves for a min or two and it stops again, doctor "tells" a story and the train moves again. This goes on for about 10 mins (seemed an hour lol).

Patrick is now crying.... Just run the stupid train!

Now for the Pièce de résistance....

The lights turn off... all the lights. It is pitch black. Patrick is now clinging to me, totally over whelmed.

Lets recap the situation for a sec....

Small room
No space
Tons of people
It's HOT
He has no clue why he just can watch the trains run
And there is NO escape routine, unless I mow over 20 people


The doctor now starts "telling" another story about how they get the lights back on... just shut up and turn them on is all Im thinking at this point... I got a scared, over stimmed child! So slowly all the lights are back up and Patrick is DONE! All he keeps telling me is "ALL DONE, ALL DONE" and all I can tell him is SOON.

Im sweating and beet red and Patrick is a mess. The doors open and he blots for the door and of course NOBODY it letting me through. Cant u see I have a mess of a child, god knows they heard him through this whole thing. GRRRRR

FINALLY AIR! Patrick than goes over to the train table in the bigger room and it is packed. No matter how big a train table is and no matter how many trains there are, there are NEVER enough. The train table quickly turns into the table of tears and that sends Patrick one step closer to the edge. So I quickly swoop him up and take him to another display were there is a Thomas train running around the track.


Well at least until he wants to touch the trains.......

STICK A FORK IN HIM! Tears are running down his face, snot is running out of his nose and he is bitting everything is site.


I had such good intentions and so did this lovely doctor. All I wanted is my son to have a fun time watching trains and all the doctor wanted was to show off his trains and to put a smile on kids faces.

My poor son fell asleep the MOMENT we got into the car and I feel like a witch bc I took him.... ALL WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Love Him For IT!

I love him for the mess he makes

I love him for resisting cleaning it up

I love him for how dang smart his is

I love him for not showing it

I love him for having to knock everything over

I love him for having to take every ball out of the bin and not playing with them

I love him for not wanting to do ANYTHING

I love him for always needing his blankie

I love him when he says "ight, ight" and even when he doesn't

I love him for dumping his nesting blocks and never wanting to build with them

I love him for his noise issues

I love him for making me realize that the commercialized parts of holidays/ birthdays aren't what is important ie. pumpkin picking, santa photos, gift opening, cake eating...

I love him for not wanting to touch a dog but loving to touch sting rays, bugs, snakes, and any other creepy thing.

I love him for his stimming jumping because it always makes me smile

I love him for his knowledge of electronics and the ease in which he uses them

I love him for his fits and meltdown, even when he bites because it IS communication

I love him for teaching me patience, love, honor, honesty, trust, empathy, calm, and belonging.

I love him for opening peoples eyes

I love him for working sooo dang hard at school

I love him for working sooo dang hard at home

I love him for giving in

I love him for loving car rides and always making it easy

I love him for loving his Gma and Grandpa

I love him for opening up to his cousins and letting them in

I love him for humoring me

I love him for loving his father

I love him for stashing and hiding his paci's

I love him for his love of water and how it turns him into a euphoric child

I love him for his limited communication and understanding when I dont understand

I love him for being my buddy

I love him for being picky and making me realize that it is not the end of the world

I love him for doing things on HIS terms and only on HIS terms

I love him for being him

Monday, November 28, 2011

NAET Further Explained

Afternoon everyone!

I wrote a post about how we found NAET, what it is, and how it has effected us a week or so ago. Now I have had some questions about the actual method of treatment and in this post that will be explained.

For those that have just joined me on this journey, here is the POST where I explain what NAET is and so on. 

**Just want to add that every NAET practitioner is different, not totally different but different. SO this is how ours does it.**

Before every appointment I pack a bag full of Patrick's favorite things, juice, and food. Waiting in a waiting room for any sort of time is challenging for any child, esp a "non-typical" child. I plan ahead a lot and try to think of anything and everything he will need, in order to be content and happy through the whole thing.

After a short wait, we head in and are greeted by Patrick's NAET practitionor, Ken Moss. He than will ask some questions about Patrick, how he is doing, anything new, any problems etc. Than he will muscle test him for what he worked to clear last week and if that is cleared than he decides what to clear now. If it doesn't clear than we work on whatever it was again. Here is a photo of muscle testing with a toddler. I couldnt get a photo bc you are invovled in the procedure. Again, this is not the "same" way Ken does it but the idea is the same. The practitioner holds a vial of allergen against the child while the child is touching you and than muscle tests using the resistant of ur arm. If when the vial is touch against the child, ur arm doesnt move, than it is not an allergy/sensitivity or (if you worked on clearing it before) it is cleared. If your arm gets weak when the vial touches the child than it is a allergy/sensitivity.

Here are the vials

This is an example of muscle testing with a toddler.....

Patrick has successfully cleared Gluten, amino acids, oats, grains, dairy, eggs, vit c, vit d, and magnesium. Last night he got treated for salt.

Ok back on task....

After the testing is complete, a vial (whatever he is trying to clear) is put in Patrick's sock and he "resets" his nerveous system/energy. This is done with this...

It is clicked up and down his spine.

When this is done, Patrick rolls over and sits up for the acupressure part of the treatment. Ken has a tiny vibrator and will press it on the top of the feet and between the thumb and pointer finger on the hand. Patrick likes to "help".

  AND WE ARE DONE! Well at least for the next 20 mins or so. We now sit and hang out for that time, while the vial stays in Patrick's sock. We have been doing this since Sept and believe me it has taken Patrick 2.5 months to accept this and let himself relax for those 20 mins. During this time Patrick cannot touch anything with a "charge".. like his FAVORITE thing, his iTouch. This was very hard for him to accept in the beginning, that mommy had to hold it but he has finally gotten the idea and he just chills out for this down time. We dim the lights and hang out with his blankie and paci :)

The vial in his sock...

So 20 mins passes and Ken come back in, tests Patrick for what vial was in his sock, gives us a diet to follow for 25 hours (sometimes 6 hours) and off we go :)
Example of the diet sheet....

At First I was put back by the diet. "What do you mean, Patrick cant have chicken for 25 hours?!?!?" It made me panic. You find ways around it. For us, we go at night after dinner. SO this way there zero restrictions placed on him with food for the rest of that day and plus I have found it helps him sleep. 

Anyway, if ANYONE has anymore questions, PLEASE let me know! I hope this was some what helpful! Again, this just make Patrick feel better. When Patrick feels better, he does better. The idea of NAET is very very simple, one you cannot deny makes sense.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mama's World


A blog posting by The Neuortypical Mom got me thinking. She posted about the public's awareness of autism but there lack of acceptance is what the real problem is.


We accept a lot of this in life. As a Parents to a special needs child, we have more to accept. We have been there, we have "done" that. We accept.

Now what Im really writing about today is ME. I have always known Patrick was "different". GOSH, we were still in the hospital when I got the feeling of... hmm something isnt right. When we are out in public and Patrick has a melt down or starts "acting different" I feel like I close out the world and just deal. Im not worried what people think or am i? Do I close everyone out, so I dont see there stares or shaking heads? Patrick use to chew on a chewy tube, mostly when we were out in public ( most stressful time for him) and I would get looks. People had to be wondering what the heck was coming out of his mouth lol. BUT I just turn it around in my head, assume they are looking at him bc he is adorable (DUH?) and smile back. OR when he wants to make the grocery store doors open and close 100x. I let him bc it makes him happy. Do I think about the social acceptance, sure, but really I want him to be happy. If that means, in order to get through shopping peacefully, I let him play with the doors?!?! YES! Does its mean, in order to go out to the pumpkin patch and have him enjoy it, he needs the bright red chewy tube hanging out of his mouth?!?!? YES! Does it mean, that when we go to the restaurant and I let him walk around and explore all the way up to the time dinner comes, that I get to sit and enjoy my dinner?!?!? YES! Are the people Im having dinner with, annoyed that Im not sharing this time with them? Probably... BUT it makes him happy and I get to EAT lol.

So am I really just not caring what people think or just not giving them a chance to notice there judging?

We were at the aquarium the other week. It was a school day, so NOBODY was there. Patrick's favorite thing to do there is watch the seals. He can watch them for hours. So I am sitting there and Patrick is jumping around, giggling his head off and having a blast, when a family walks in. I know it has to look weird, we basically set up camp in the seal area (we had been there for 45 mins already) and my son is OVERLY excited to watch seals swim in circles. lol. The little girl, looks at Patrick, puzzled. She says to her mommy, "why is that boy jumping around soo much?" The mother looked at Patrick and said "I dont know, sweetie".

COME ON MOM! REALLY? I could of thought of SOOO many simple answers to give to that little girl and you say "I DONT KNOW?"

But again I close them out and just focus on Patrick, on the joy stretched across his face, on the fact that we are out in public and he is dealing with it.

I know I commented on Autism Mom on a Journey's page the other day about never having the experience of someone being a down right jerk. But have I and I have never payed it any mind bc, like Patrick, I have my own little world where I feel safe and protected?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The good and the bad days....

Happy Thursday everyone!

You know, Patrick was DX almost a year ago and you would think i'd get use to the eb and flow of the good and bad days by now. *sigh*  When he feels GOOD, he is an amazingly smart, attentive little man. His eye contact is on point, his communication is fantastic. But when something is up in his body, he is just miserable... I mean wouldn't we all be. It breaks my heart to know he is not feeling well and with his limited communication, it is even harder to bare because I have NO CLUE what is the matter. He will give me clues "sometimes". Hitting his head with his hands, means headache. Hitting his hands to his ears, means ringing. BUT really in the long run it is a guessing game and what am I going to do for ringing or a headache but hold him and tell him to tell it out. Monday and Tuesday of this week was AMAZING! He had fantastic days at school, amazing ABA sessions at home. His teachers and therapists were blown away, I was proud :) Than yesterday, he was home from school (whole other story lol) and he was a mess! Could of it been he was out of his routine? Maybe. Could of it been that his tummy wasn't feeling well? Maybe. It could be a million things....WHO KNOWS! For some reason he decided to hang out in his world yesterday and nobody was allowed in, well maybe mommy but I wasnt allow to hang out long. These are the days I miss him the most and he is right there with me but his spirit was chillin in "Patrick World". I miss him more these days than the days he is at school or with his Dad. He is right there but I can't get in. The only thing I can do, is wait for the good day to come back and soak it all in :) Comfort him till than, till his likes his body again and decides to join us. Maybe today will be one of those days :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Journey Further to the Unknown!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I recall this moment very clearly. I had brought Patrick to see Dr. Jay's for an adjustment and he was asking me what else I was doing along the lines of supplements and over all healing. At this point I have cut out all Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Eggs and Corn from Patrick's diet. I begin telling him about a book I read that lays out, simply, a good way to start. I start telling him and realize that I really dont know too much about this area and ask him for some help. He gives me a basic idea and than tell me about an old patient of his that has had a lot of success healing her son and that she is a great resource. I greatly appreciate this offer and try to get in touch right away. I mean, just to meet another mother in my shoes is priceless! After a couple days, she gets back to me and we have a fantastic convro over the phone. She than tells me about a an acupuncturist named Ken Moss. He practices a method called Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques or NAET and it is shown to increase speech, amoung other things, in children dx with ASD. I was game!

Quickly NAET is a non-invasive, drug free, alternative therapy intended as a treatment for allergies and chemical sensitivities. The theory of NAET suggests that allergies develop due to energy blockages, and that allergies can be eliminated by addressing these energy blockages through the use of acupuncture or acupressure. NAET practitioners use a form of Applied kinesiology to compare the strength of a muscle before and during contact with a potential allergen. NAET practitioners will then aim to remove energy blockages by having the patient hold a glass bottle containing the allergen whilst acupressure or acupuncture techniques are employed. After treatment, patients rest 20 minutes while continuing to hold the jar containing the allergen, after which time the patient will again be tested for an allergic reaction using the muscle strength test. If the NAET practitioner determines the allergy has cleared, the patient is advised to avoid the allergic substance for the following 25 hours. With Patrick the allergen is held in his sock.

 Interesting right?

After our first meeting with Ken, he had dug up about 14 sensitivities.
Patrick's body couldn't not process...


So right than and there he treated Patrick for Vit C. We went through the process, we waited our 20 mins, got a special diet, paid and left. We were to see him in 2 weeks. simple done. 

So two weeks passed, which at the time seemed nothing abnormal or different. So off to Ken we go. He comes in and asks how things are going. I reply "fine". He than asks "has Patrick been talking more?". Now Patrick before this was VERY non-verbal. I think back and reply "YES YES he has been". I recalled many times in the last two weeks when I have made a comment like "WOW he wont shut up" or "WOW, he is really talkative today". PATRICK NEVER EVER TALKS and when I say talk I mean babble. He was finally babbling like a baby would. I was amazed that I "missed" that and that I didnt make the connection. Ken than replies "GOOD, it is working". If this was just a coincidence, this was a HUGE one, I think. 

We have been seeing Ken since Sept 2011 and EVERY time we go, I see something new in Patrick and most of the time it is with in 30 mins of leaving. The latest HUGE one was a couple weeks ago. We were leaving the office and heading to see Patrick's osteopath. We arrive at Jodie's, Patrick walks in and replies "HI" to Jodie after she greeted him! Before this Patrick REQUIRED major prompting to reply to a "HI" or "BYE". This blew me away! AGAIN coincidence, good timing, or is this proof that this is working?

Patrick ASD systems have been decreasing since we have started NAET. The proof is in the pudding really. This is just another piece to the puzzle. NAET has made my son feel better, he truly enjoys seeing Ken and runs into his office every time. Just like Dr. Jay, Ken is a important piece in Patrick's body healing, on our road to good health, and most importantly it brings a smile to my sons face. 

THANK YOU KEN! You are a priceless addition to my son's team. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking for HELP on the "Other Side" of Things....

Hello all! Figured Id start this week on a "other side" note. A lot of us think main stream when it comes to medicine. If you child has digestive problems, you go to a gastro. If you child has Allergy problems, you go to an allergist. If you child is sick, you take them to the pedi. Now the "other side" I'm talking about goes beyond traditional medicine and forces you to look further, stretch you mind passed what you can see in black and white.

This journey started almost a year ago when Patrick started to get countless ear infections. He was in a main stream preschool and was exposed to the typical run of the mill germs and viruses. Germs and viruses that any other child would fight off. The problem was, Patrick's immune system wasn't fighting, it wasn't even trying. A germ would get to Patrick and his poor defenseless immune system would just wave a white flag and that was it, double ear infection. Than it was asthma, ugh! Goodness! They started going hand in hand. Whenever Patrick started to have labored breathing, he'd have an ear infection because at this point he wasn't even presenting with a fever. At this point his ears wouldn't even be clearing the fluid. So what is the next step? Logically in the traditional way of thinking, take him to an ENT, get his hearing checked, asked about tubes. So we went to a couple ENT's, cleared his ears (FINALLY), got his hearing checked, twice, and of course we scheduled surgery for tubes. Than we scheduled Patrick to see a allergist because, again traditional way of thinking, to see what was causing the asthma. Goodness was that a waste of $30 lol. She did the tradistional skin tests and blood tests and it came back NOTHING! I was baffled! This child was presenting with tons of seasonal allergy symptoms and she is telling me he is not allergic to ANYTHING! BLAH!

Here is where my path changes...

May 2011

Enter Dr. Jason Jampol at Wellness Inc. I was in his office for me, oddly enough. I was about to start a Holistic diet and was waiting to talk to him and meet him for the first time, when I noticed a article pinned up to his wall. It was titled "The Benefits of  Chiropractic Care for Babies and Children". Hmmm... lets take a look..(thank goodness I did). The beginning of this article stated a list of benefits and what were the first 2 things?????



OHH This little piece a paper went from being something I'm reading to pass the time, to something I need to finish.

So after meeting with Dr. Jay, I had to bring up the article. He than started to explain the principles behind it. Basically, with out going into huge detail, when the spine is out of line, it can cause your nerves, nerve compromise. This nerve compromise can than cause and defiantly not help many different problems and issues. That's about it, if a nerve is pinched or blocked than the brain isn't getting the right info and something goes wrong in other words. The body CANNOT fight 100% against whatever is ailing it. In Patrick's case, it was infections and asthma. SIGN PATRICK UP!

Fast forward 4 days......

Patrick has ANOTHER double ear infection and his asthma is 1,000,000 times worst! Of course I bring him to the pedi after treating him for 24 hours with albuterol nebulizer. His blood O2 level was 92%, normal/ healthy is 98%-100%. The pedi than gives him another treatment and tells us, that if we feel he needs another treatment before next 4 hours is up, than he has to go to the ER. All Patrick has done in the last 36 hours is bark like a seal, cry, and sleep. BUT we do have our appt with Dr. jay tonight, so Im holding out! Poor Bug was just weepy and barking when we walked into the office. Another man arrived right after us. Dr. Jay took us right away. After going through toooooons of history and explain Patrick's already issues, he got started evaluating Patrick. While he was examining Patrick he told me that little ones spring back VERY quickly and I shouldnt be surprised if I see improvements in 25 hours. Than less than 5 mins later, Patrick was done. He was adjusted and here's to hoping :) Patrick followed me out of the room and I headed to the desk to pay. Than I hear the man sitting in the waiting room say " well someone feels better!". HUH? I look over and Patrick is smiling, laughing, and jumping (anyone that knows Patrick knows that jumping = happy). Could this be the same child? The same child that not even ten mins ago was weepy and coughing like a seal? The same child that slept all day? The same child that came suuuper close to having to go to the ER bc his O2 was very very low? Than Patrick proceeds to walk up the steps.... NEVER has he walked up steps before, he has only crawled up.

OK OK OK I have to calm myself down at this point. I call my mother and tell her about everything. She is of course skeptical and points out that he has had treatments for 36 hours and has slept for most of it. Ya, i think, thats right he has had TONS of intervention. I than tell myself, if he sleeps through the night and doesnt cough for the next 48 hours, Ill believe it. lol

He hasn't had asthma since! Yes that is right, not one more treatment since May 2011. This was the big WOW I needed to get hooked on alternative medicine. The idea that the body can't help itself, systems can't function properly if something as simple as a nerve is compromised, is an awesomely simple idea. This idea will follow us for the months to come, will fuel new methods and new ideas. Will get us connected with unbelievable people and give Patrick opportunities that he wouldn't ever have had with out that one moment I had with that little piece of paper.

Dr. Jay started all of this. He started Patrick's road to healing and I owe him. :)

Link to Dr. Jason Jampol's practice

Link to more info about Children and Chiropractic care

A Mothers account

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing But Blue Skies....

Nothing but blue skies, staring at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see....

That is my Aunt's song. My Aunt who was a prefect example of positivity. My Aunt Trudy was a spontaneous, free willed, unique individual. My Aunt had her ups and downs but always moved forward, always kept truckin, always looking at those blue skies. My Aunt passed a bit ago and even though she is not with me anymore, she still motivates me everyday. This blog is going to be about my journey with my son. Patrick is a sweet, loving, gentle, kind soul.A soul that I feel has been through so much for just 3 years old and one day he'll be able to tell me about it :)

Patrick was DX with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) Janurary 2011. In essence, it's a diagnosis that means "on the autism spectrum, but not falling within any of the existing specific categories of autism."

I will get into all the details and such at a later date but all that matters now is that I am being proactive for my son. Im reading every book I can, talking to everyone I can, searching for new alternatives that are out there. The way I see it is, I owe it to him. Even if we only get a tiny bit out of something, we are still leaving with a tiny bit, better than nothing.. which would equal not trying.

There are tons of topics and ideas that I want to talk about on here and in that process spread the word on alternatives, homeopaths, and natural medicines. OK OK I know what you are thinking now.... oh she is just another one of those coo coos that are all natural and blah blah blah. The truth is, is that Im not. I believe my approach with Patrick is very well balanced and combines everything that is good out today for helping children with autism. Im on both sides, I play both hands.

So stay tuned... I promise everyone might learn something.