Thursday, November 10, 2011

The good and the bad days....

Happy Thursday everyone!

You know, Patrick was DX almost a year ago and you would think i'd get use to the eb and flow of the good and bad days by now. *sigh*  When he feels GOOD, he is an amazingly smart, attentive little man. His eye contact is on point, his communication is fantastic. But when something is up in his body, he is just miserable... I mean wouldn't we all be. It breaks my heart to know he is not feeling well and with his limited communication, it is even harder to bare because I have NO CLUE what is the matter. He will give me clues "sometimes". Hitting his head with his hands, means headache. Hitting his hands to his ears, means ringing. BUT really in the long run it is a guessing game and what am I going to do for ringing or a headache but hold him and tell him to tell it out. Monday and Tuesday of this week was AMAZING! He had fantastic days at school, amazing ABA sessions at home. His teachers and therapists were blown away, I was proud :) Than yesterday, he was home from school (whole other story lol) and he was a mess! Could of it been he was out of his routine? Maybe. Could of it been that his tummy wasn't feeling well? Maybe. It could be a million things....WHO KNOWS! For some reason he decided to hang out in his world yesterday and nobody was allowed in, well maybe mommy but I wasnt allow to hang out long. These are the days I miss him the most and he is right there with me but his spirit was chillin in "Patrick World". I miss him more these days than the days he is at school or with his Dad. He is right there but I can't get in. The only thing I can do, is wait for the good day to come back and soak it all in :) Comfort him till than, till his likes his body again and decides to join us. Maybe today will be one of those days :)

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