Monday, November 28, 2011

NAET Further Explained

Afternoon everyone!

I wrote a post about how we found NAET, what it is, and how it has effected us a week or so ago. Now I have had some questions about the actual method of treatment and in this post that will be explained.

For those that have just joined me on this journey, here is the POST where I explain what NAET is and so on. 

**Just want to add that every NAET practitioner is different, not totally different but different. SO this is how ours does it.**

Before every appointment I pack a bag full of Patrick's favorite things, juice, and food. Waiting in a waiting room for any sort of time is challenging for any child, esp a "non-typical" child. I plan ahead a lot and try to think of anything and everything he will need, in order to be content and happy through the whole thing.

After a short wait, we head in and are greeted by Patrick's NAET practitionor, Ken Moss. He than will ask some questions about Patrick, how he is doing, anything new, any problems etc. Than he will muscle test him for what he worked to clear last week and if that is cleared than he decides what to clear now. If it doesn't clear than we work on whatever it was again. Here is a photo of muscle testing with a toddler. I couldnt get a photo bc you are invovled in the procedure. Again, this is not the "same" way Ken does it but the idea is the same. The practitioner holds a vial of allergen against the child while the child is touching you and than muscle tests using the resistant of ur arm. If when the vial is touch against the child, ur arm doesnt move, than it is not an allergy/sensitivity or (if you worked on clearing it before) it is cleared. If your arm gets weak when the vial touches the child than it is a allergy/sensitivity.

Here are the vials

This is an example of muscle testing with a toddler.....

Patrick has successfully cleared Gluten, amino acids, oats, grains, dairy, eggs, vit c, vit d, and magnesium. Last night he got treated for salt.

Ok back on task....

After the testing is complete, a vial (whatever he is trying to clear) is put in Patrick's sock and he "resets" his nerveous system/energy. This is done with this...

It is clicked up and down his spine.

When this is done, Patrick rolls over and sits up for the acupressure part of the treatment. Ken has a tiny vibrator and will press it on the top of the feet and between the thumb and pointer finger on the hand. Patrick likes to "help".

  AND WE ARE DONE! Well at least for the next 20 mins or so. We now sit and hang out for that time, while the vial stays in Patrick's sock. We have been doing this since Sept and believe me it has taken Patrick 2.5 months to accept this and let himself relax for those 20 mins. During this time Patrick cannot touch anything with a "charge".. like his FAVORITE thing, his iTouch. This was very hard for him to accept in the beginning, that mommy had to hold it but he has finally gotten the idea and he just chills out for this down time. We dim the lights and hang out with his blankie and paci :)

The vial in his sock...

So 20 mins passes and Ken come back in, tests Patrick for what vial was in his sock, gives us a diet to follow for 25 hours (sometimes 6 hours) and off we go :)
Example of the diet sheet....

At First I was put back by the diet. "What do you mean, Patrick cant have chicken for 25 hours?!?!?" It made me panic. You find ways around it. For us, we go at night after dinner. SO this way there zero restrictions placed on him with food for the rest of that day and plus I have found it helps him sleep. 

Anyway, if ANYONE has anymore questions, PLEASE let me know! I hope this was some what helpful! Again, this just make Patrick feel better. When Patrick feels better, he does better. The idea of NAET is very very simple, one you cannot deny makes sense.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I just found your blog while googling NAET and peanut allergies. My son was recently diagnosed and we just started a version of NAET with our acupuncturist. I see you wrote this back in 2011. I was hoping you could tell me how your gorgeous son, Patrick, has been doing since then? With everything? We are big believers in alternative therapies and medicine. I just wrote a blog post about it which I'll copy below. If you have a minute (which I know is probably a joke if your house is like mine!!) I'd love to hear from you. Even a very short response with an allergy update. (Although I'd love a speech update, too!) Thanks!!

    1. HELLO KATE! He is doing great! Speech is flying along, as he is still no where near his age, he is now saying words and putting 2 words together. NAET has been out life line to health and im soo greatful! He has successfully cleared everything on his list, plus all his vaxs, and we are starting to help organs now. Im going to head over and check our ur blog! Would be very interested in how u guys are doing!