Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Journey Further to the Unknown!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I recall this moment very clearly. I had brought Patrick to see Dr. Jay's for an adjustment and he was asking me what else I was doing along the lines of supplements and over all healing. At this point I have cut out all Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Eggs and Corn from Patrick's diet. I begin telling him about a book I read that lays out, simply, a good way to start. I start telling him and realize that I really dont know too much about this area and ask him for some help. He gives me a basic idea and than tell me about an old patient of his that has had a lot of success healing her son and that she is a great resource. I greatly appreciate this offer and try to get in touch right away. I mean, just to meet another mother in my shoes is priceless! After a couple days, she gets back to me and we have a fantastic convro over the phone. She than tells me about a an acupuncturist named Ken Moss. He practices a method called Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques or NAET and it is shown to increase speech, amoung other things, in children dx with ASD. I was game!

Quickly NAET is a non-invasive, drug free, alternative therapy intended as a treatment for allergies and chemical sensitivities. The theory of NAET suggests that allergies develop due to energy blockages, and that allergies can be eliminated by addressing these energy blockages through the use of acupuncture or acupressure. NAET practitioners use a form of Applied kinesiology to compare the strength of a muscle before and during contact with a potential allergen. NAET practitioners will then aim to remove energy blockages by having the patient hold a glass bottle containing the allergen whilst acupressure or acupuncture techniques are employed. After treatment, patients rest 20 minutes while continuing to hold the jar containing the allergen, after which time the patient will again be tested for an allergic reaction using the muscle strength test. If the NAET practitioner determines the allergy has cleared, the patient is advised to avoid the allergic substance for the following 25 hours. With Patrick the allergen is held in his sock.

 Interesting right?

After our first meeting with Ken, he had dug up about 14 sensitivities.
Patrick's body couldn't not process...


So right than and there he treated Patrick for Vit C. We went through the process, we waited our 20 mins, got a special diet, paid and left. We were to see him in 2 weeks. simple done. 

So two weeks passed, which at the time seemed nothing abnormal or different. So off to Ken we go. He comes in and asks how things are going. I reply "fine". He than asks "has Patrick been talking more?". Now Patrick before this was VERY non-verbal. I think back and reply "YES YES he has been". I recalled many times in the last two weeks when I have made a comment like "WOW he wont shut up" or "WOW, he is really talkative today". PATRICK NEVER EVER TALKS and when I say talk I mean babble. He was finally babbling like a baby would. I was amazed that I "missed" that and that I didnt make the connection. Ken than replies "GOOD, it is working". If this was just a coincidence, this was a HUGE one, I think. 

We have been seeing Ken since Sept 2011 and EVERY time we go, I see something new in Patrick and most of the time it is with in 30 mins of leaving. The latest HUGE one was a couple weeks ago. We were leaving the office and heading to see Patrick's osteopath. We arrive at Jodie's, Patrick walks in and replies "HI" to Jodie after she greeted him! Before this Patrick REQUIRED major prompting to reply to a "HI" or "BYE". This blew me away! AGAIN coincidence, good timing, or is this proof that this is working?

Patrick ASD systems have been decreasing since we have started NAET. The proof is in the pudding really. This is just another piece to the puzzle. NAET has made my son feel better, he truly enjoys seeing Ken and runs into his office every time. Just like Dr. Jay, Ken is a important piece in Patrick's body healing, on our road to good health, and most importantly it brings a smile to my sons face. 

THANK YOU KEN! You are a priceless addition to my son's team. 

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